About Signet

Signet Certification Authority (CC Signet) is a specialised unit within Orange Polska, responsible for maintaining cryptographic security solutions. It has been operating since 16 May 2001 - initially within the structures of TP Internet, a company within the TP Group, and since 6 December 2006 as part of the Teleinformation Systems Security (formerly Security Management Department) within IT Infrastructure and Teleinformation Security of Orange Polska. On 30 June 2006, CC Signet ceased operating as a qualified centre, entered in the register of qualified certification service providers.

Currently, CA Signet's role is to support cryptographic solutions dedicated to applications within Orange Polska and the Orange Group, as well as systems dedicated to customers of services offered by Orange Polska.

The above listed solutions are based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), providing the user with, among other things:

This allows for the secure transmission of information via computer networks between employees, contractors, financial institutions and their clients, as well as administrative and administrative entities.